How to make Eyebrows thicker with Makeup

When we tak about th eyes then no doubt eyes are the beauty asset. No one like to wear makeup all the time. Eye makeup enhances the beauty and thus the eyebrows as well. Today i am going to share with you how to make your eyebrows thicker with the help pf makeup, that stays longer. Weather you are blessed with shaply brows or not, grooming them little does enhance your complete look. If you want to make your eyebrows a little thick with the help of makeup then this is for you.

Step 1:

Start with clean and moisturized eyebrow.
Comb your brows to make the hair fall in the place to know what shape exactly you need. You can try three methods to filling your brows. Pencil, Powder or wax. I am using the pencil because i find it easier. Some good brands makes the wonderful brows pencil that stays whole day without use of primer. You can also use the combination of pencil with powder to give perfect look to your brows. Use the shade that gives you natural look.

Now start filling with the help of brow pencil. Starting from the inner most point towards the nose. Do not try to create different shape initially to your eyebrows. Go for natural shape. Just remember to go with light and short strokes and do not try to colour it all at once.

See in this image, we have filled the eyebrow half way, colouring with soft hand do not try to make dark.
Here,now we complete filling the entire length of the eye brow, thicking a more than the natural shape. To give the pefect finish we are going to use the powder, because pencil sometimes looks patchy. Use the matte brown eye shadow for this step. If you have black eyebrows then use the dark brown powder not the black one.

Use the brush (smudger) to fill the powder in the center portion of the brow and you can also use the angled brush to fillthe powder in the brows.


In this image you can see how the eyebrow looks after filling the pencil and powder. powder-work
See the final look of eye brow after filling.






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